Hot Water Boilers

Hot water generators made in the smoke tube, three-turn or flame reversal types, all characterized by a high water content.
Intended for use in industrial applications such as district heating systems and large heating systems used in hospitals, airports, shopping centers and various types of accommodation facilities.
The power of these generators meets needs between 2500 and 20000 kW.


The TNX range includes boilers with three flue gas passes, wet back and automatic operation, suitable for the...

Nominal power: 3000 ÷ 20000 kW

Design pressure: 6 bar

Efficiency: > 92,0 %

The TNOX range includes three pass, wet back boilers with low thermal load in the combustion chamber (between...

Nominal power: 2500 ÷ 25000 kW

Design pressure: 6 bar