Superheated Water Boilers

Superheated water generators built in the smoke tube, three pass and flame reversal typologies, intended for heating or technological systems with operating temperatures above 110°C.
All generators can be combined with operator exemption systems up to 72 hours (GSS).
The power of these generators satisfies needs between 200 and 17,000 kW.

The ASGX EN range provides super-heated water boilers with three flue gas passes and completely wet furnace back....

Nominal power: 3000 ÷ 17000 kW

Design pressure: 12 bar

Efficiency: > 90.0%


Monobloc reverse flame wet back fire tube superheated water boilers. Manufactured from steel, quality tested according to the...

Nominal power: 233 ÷ 3488 kW

Design pressure: 5 or 12 bar

Efficiency: > 90.0%