Floor standing condensing boilers

Nominal power: 180 ÷ 850 kW

Design pressure: 5 bar

Efficiency: > 107,0 %

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The range of MONOLITE condensing boilers made in AISI 316 Ti STAINLESS steel with single pass furnace and vertical exchange surfaces. It produces hot water at a temperature of 110°C and is provided with pre-mixed, modulating burner for gaseous fuels with cylindrical, heat radiating combustion head and low NOx emissions.


Available Technologies


High efficiency and large exchange surfaces

Extremely high energy efficiency thanks to the large exchange surfaces allowing top efficiency values under all operating conditions.

Noble materials

All parts in contact with the flue gases are made of STAINLESS steel due to its high resistance to the corrosion caused by acidic condensate.

High reliability in continuous operation

The construction features are such to make it particularly suitable to high working loads and long working periods.

Reliability and durability

Maximum reliability and durability guaranteed through design with low surface heat losses.

Maximum security

The generator has been designed in accordance with the strictest international safety regulations in force.

Easy, fast and safe installation

The installation is very easy: you just need to connect the system to the electric, hydraulic, steam and discharge lines.

Boiler Accessories

Boiler Room Ancillaries


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