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The TNX range includes boilers with three flue gas passes, wet back and automatic operation, suitable for the...

Nominal power: 3000 ÷ 20000 kW

Design pressure: 6 bar

Efficiency: > 92,0 %


Clean indirect steam boiler easy to install thanks to duly sized components, mounted and connected at the factory...

Steam production: 160 ÷ 2750 kg/h

Nominal power: 115 ÷ 2054 kW

Design pressure: 6 bar

Three pass, wet back, low thermal load boiler, with single pass flame furnace, connected to forced draft burners...

Nominal power: 420 ÷ 3000 kW

Design pressure: 5 bar

Efficiency: > 95,0 %


Reverse flame boiler with cylindrical furnace completely closed on the rear side by a dished end supported by...

Nominal power: 90 ÷ 3500 kW

Design pressure: 5 bar

Efficiency: from 92.0% to > 95.0%

Methane gas burner of the modulating type suitable to satisfy the output required by the boiler to which...


Monobloc low-pressure reverse flame wet back steam boiler, suitable for liquid or gaseous fuels., It is a brand-new...

Steam production: 100 ÷ 3000 kg/h

Nominal power: 69,8 ÷ 2035 kW

Design pressure: 0,98 o 0,5 bar

Efficiency: > 91,0 %

Instantaneous reverse flame fire tube steam boiler, completely automatic and with high efficiency. Low water content and reduced...

Steam production: 50 ÷ 300 kg/h

Nominal power: 31,7 ÷ 209,2 kW

Design pressure: 5 bar

Efficiency: > 91,0 %

Instantaneous steam boiler – easy to install and user-friendly. Ideal for facilities such as laundries, it meets small...

Steam production: 20,3 ÷ 244,2 kg/h

Nominal power: 15 ÷ 180 kW

Design pressure: 4,5 bar


The waste-heat boilers of the WH range recover energy from hot flue gases as heat source without any...

Nominal power: 100 ÷ 20000 kW

Design pressure: from 1 to 25 bar


The OPX range includes thermal oil heaters with three flue gas passes, single pass furnace and flue gas...

Nominal power: 116 ÷ 9302 kW

Design pressure: 10 bar

Efficiency: > 86,0 %

The TNOX range includes three pass, wet back boilers with low thermal load in the combustion chamber (between...

Nominal power: 2500 ÷ 25000 kW

Design pressure: 6 bar

The ASGX EN range provides super-heated water boilers with three flue gas passes and completely wet furnace back....

Nominal power: 3000 ÷ 17000 kW

Design pressure: 12 bar

Efficiency: > 90.0%