Eterm Easy Manager Panel


Control panel with 15” touch screen for a personalised view of the heating plant room (synoptic diagram). The panel must be connected via bus to the boiler Eterm control panels and to Nereix devices (plant and/flat metering devices) From the graphic panel it is possible to: - view the instantaneous values of temperature, operating status, modulation percentage values, alarms, etc. - send starting, stopping, forcing, setpoint and other types of commands - view graphs of the saved variables - export images of the graphs and Excel tables of the log data - view the alarm log The ModBus RS485 port (2 wires) is available for only one of the following options: 1- ModBus Master ModBus slave device management, i.e. the ability to manage other devices featuring the same interface from the graphic page. (ICI Caldaie reserves the right to check the compatibility of the devices) 2-ModBus Slave Conversion of all eterm parameters, both in reading and in writing mode, in ModBus protocol for external supervision systems provided with such interface. The maximum number of parameters that can be provided is 500 and they can be chosen by the customer based on the system. The control panel is provided with a device for Internet connection: the type of preferred connection determines the type of device installed inside the panel.

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