For decades, ICI has been synonymous with excellence in the thermal solutions industry. Our history in the sector, characterized by a constant commitment to improvement and innovation, has enabled us to offer a comprehensive range of thermal services that cover all stages of the process.

Our services encompass both the pre-sale and post-sale areas, ensuring comprehensive support for your thermal needs. 
With a team of experts and a dedication to excellence, we are ready to work closely with you to provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Our pre-sales services for industrial boilers embody our values, our work culture, the goals, and aspirations that drive us. Customization is our strength, and every step we take is focused on your specific needs. We understand that your industry may...


Our commitment to you doesn't end with the sale. We take pride in offering a complete range of services that cover the entire cycle, from start to finish, to ensure your thermal plant operates efficiently and reliably, always. Even in our post-sal...