Industrial Boiler Rental



ICI offers its customers a rental service for steam, hot water, superheated water and diathermic oil generators suitable for every industrial application sector.

Rental is an ideal solution for those customers who do not have the time necessary to amortize the costs of such equipment and is a service that can be customized based on the power of the machinery and/or the duration of the rental. Our product solutions cover every type of need in terms of steam production and power output.

To complete, all the accessories suitable for the operation of the generator are available such as:

  • GAS and GAS-OIL burners in line with the directives currently in force
  • Safety and management accessories
  • Boiler Room Accessories
  • Flue pipes
  • Prefabricated outdoor container

Advantages of RENTAL:

  • Reduction of lost revenue due to production stops
  • Possibility of carrying out tests for a new production line before making a new investment
  • Integration of production capacity for a temporary period

ICI provides installation services for rental generators, assembly, assistance and maintenance.