Rummo is a family business that has been producing high-quality durum wheat semolina pasta since 1846 and exporting it to 45 countries.

To achieve and maintain high-quality standards of its products, the pasta factory uses a patented process called slow processing, where steam plays a fundamental role.

In most cases, most pasta factories are still producing superheated water with thermal oil boilers able to reach efficiencies of around 86% but not higher.




In the production of dry pasta, one of the most widely-used elements is superheated water, either produced by fire-tube or thermal-oil boilers.
The superheated water is used to power the air heat exchangers that feed the drying tunnels to complete the pasta drying process.
Choosing the right vector fluid and consequent thermal plant allows to improve the overall plant's efficiency and performance.



Renovate the thermal plant and achieve a significant reduction in primary energy consumption while maintaining the high-quality standards that have always delineated Rummo's products.



To accomplish the goal of raising the overall plant's efficiency, we teamed up with the ESCO (Energy Service Company) S4E System.

Most of our efforts were directed toward the heating plant, but the renewing process also involved the refrigeration plant and its compressed-air and vacuum system, and the general energy monitoring system of the heating and refrigeration plant. The process continued with the Energy Diagnosis performed compatible with the Italian Legislative D.Lgs 102/2014.

The main intervention in the thermal power plant wanted to improve the production efficiency of superheated water.
To reduce energy costs related to superheated water production, we decided to switch from a thermal oil boiler to our fire tube steam boiler ASGX EN 6000 (nominal efficiency of 94%) installed with a modulating methane burner and an economizer for heat recovery from the fumes.

We wanted to facilitate thermal plant day-to-day operations therefore we added the GSS-72 Global Safety System, designed and built to guarantee the total operating safety of the superheated water boiler with unsupervised conduction for 72 continuous hours.


Plant's components:

  • ASGX EN 6000 superheated water boiler.
  • High modulating burner.
  • ECXV economizer for heat recovery.
  • GSS-72 electronic system for unsupervised conduction for 72 continuous hours.



To date, our new boiler supplies three pasta production lines, accounting for 50% of the power needed in the entire plant.

The new plant's equipment brought savings on CNG consumption up to 200.233 Sm3 / year, equivalent to approximately 58.000 € / year.

With the fume tubes boilers we dismissed the oil circulation pump (Q = 400mc / h H = 35mt cl Pel ass = 45kWel) saving another of 356,400 kWh / year, equivalent 28.500 € / year.

Overall, the upgrading of the power plants carried out in partnership with S4-System led to savings of approximately 234 TOE (tonne of oil equivalent) per year equivalent to about 86.500 €/year, and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 520,86 tons.


86 % → 94 %
1186 Kw → 830 Kw


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