For every type of application, we can offer services and products to improve the efficiency of existing systems and thermal processes.

Diagnosis and solutions to optimize system efficiency.

ICI Caldaie has always been careful to conceive, design and manufacture its products with the aim of pursuing high energy efficiency values. The new digital technologies used by our plant supervision systems allow the monitoring of the same in order to identify the most suitable efficiency solutions and able to meet any market need, regulatory constraint or critical installation conditions.

Heat recovery from flue gas, simple or integrated in boilers.

The need to recover as much of the energy contained in the combustion flue gas as possible has prompted ICI Caldaie to develop increasingly advanced systems for recovering heat from its own boilers rather than from other technologies such as cogeneration or combustion using biomass.

Consultancy related to obtaining incentives and funding.

Our experts provide accurate advice on obtaining incentives and funding following energy efficiency improvement measures, in line with existing regulatory constraints with the aim of implementing more efficient systems using the best technologies available on the market.