Technical support and consultancy at every design stage

ICI Caldaie follows its customers from the early design stages to the realization of the final product. This allows us to obtain an ad hoc solution that integrates perfectly with the customers' plant, allowing them to obtain significant improvements in terms of management and energy saving. 

Turnkey systems and projects

ICI Caldaie is the ideal partner for complex projects. Through collaboration with top-level companies, it is able to study, design, build and install complex systems, providing customers with turnkey solutions.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the system

At any time the customer can sign a contract with ICI for ordinary maintenance that, thanks to scheduled inspections, protects the operation and proper functioning of the product over time. On request, ICI also provides extraordinary maintenance services for its systems.

Interventions to improve energy efficiency

ICI Caldaie is available to the customer to evaluate the possibility to increase energy efficiency in thermal power plants. Through an accurate inspection, useful data are retrieved to create innovative solutions that allow freeing economic resources thanks to the reduction of waste.


Each non-standard project is developed by our experts through the development of new products, with performance exceeding the most restrictive international requirements in terms of consumption and emissions.
The international success is the result of high quality standards. ICI Caldaie has obtained international product quality certifications that allow it to produce and distribute its boilers all over the world with top quality and safety features as required by the stringent specific regulations.