• Design pressure: 5 bar
  • Heat output: 70 ÷ 3500 kW
  • Efficiency: from 92.0% to > 95.0%
For higher or lower pressures see our commercial department




REX (70 ÷ 1300 kW)
REX (1400 ÷ 3500 kW)
REX DUAL stacked combustion chambers
REX F (70 ÷ 1300 kW)
REX F (1400 ÷ 3500 kW)
REX DUAL F stacked combustion chambers


  • Commercial facilities

  • Residential buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial heating systems

  • District heating

  • Sports centers

  • Heavy industry

  • Swimming pools and water parks


  • Reverse flame boiler with cylindrical furnace completely closed on the rear side by a dished end supported by a fully submerged stub pipe. The boilers can be used with forced draft burners for the operation on liquid or gaseous fuels. These boilers are designed to be used in systems with water temperature between 60 and 100°C (safety thermostat set at 110°C).

    • Maximum security

      The generator has been designed in accordance with the strictest international safety regulations in force.

    • High reliability in continuous operation

      The construction features are such to make it particularly suitable to high working loads and long working periods.

    • Easy, fast and safe installation

      The installation is very easy: you just need to connect the system to the electric, hydraulic, steam and discharge lines.

    • Maximum operating flexibility

      Thanks to the very high water content and the very high thermal inertia, the boiler is suitable for any system solution, even in the most difficult operating conditions.