• Design pressure: 12 or 15 bar
  • Heat output: 1163 ÷ 17442 kW
  • Steam capacity: 1700 ÷ 32000 kg/h
  • Efficiency: 90,0 %
The entire range is available, on request, with a design pressure 25 bar




GX 12 bar
GX 15 bar


  • Paper industry

  • Heavy industry

  • Tanning industry

  • Wine farms

  • Rubber processing

  • Dairy Industry

  • Water purification and treatment plants

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Meat processing

  • Hospitals

  • Distilleries

  • District heating

  • Beer industry

  • Petrochemical industry


  • The GX range features outstanding monobloc steam generators, designed to give maximum reliability and durability. All models have a corrugated furnace and are sized to achieve reduced thermal loads and enable optimal operation, even under harsh working conditions. A complete range that can satisfy a wide variety of applications, also available with superheating (GX S) and waste heat recovery sections (GX C).

    • High steam quality

      At high load the internal separator prevents the entrainment of water droplets to the steam outlet, the steam produced is then always of high quality having a very high dryness fraction.

    • Configurable to specific requirements

      A wide range of optional accessories are available to customize the product to meet specific requirements.

    • Reliability and durability

      Maximum reliability and durability guaranteed through design with low surface heat losses.

    • Maximum security

      The generator has been designed in accordance with the strictest international safety regulations in force.

    • Fully flanged tube plates

      The hot-flanged tube plates ensure the absorption of the thermal expansions under different working loads.

    • Consistant supply of high quality steam

      Thanks to the generously dimensioned steam chamber the boiler can meet the varying demand of the system including instantaneous peak demands