• Design pressure: 12 bar
  • Heat output: 681 ÷ 2044 kW
  • Steam capacity: 1000 ÷ 3000 kg/h
  • Efficiency: > 95,0 %
  • NOx emissions: <70 mg/kWh
Versions with NOx emissions <30 mg/kWh available on request





  • Paper industry

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

  • Wine farms

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Hospitals

  • Meat processing

  • Dairy Industry

  • Distilleries

  • Heavy industry

  • Beer industry

  • Petrochemical industry


  • Thanks to the most advanced technologies on combustion, heat transfer and energy efficiency, ECOVAPOR ensures a very convenient cost of ownership combined to a very low environmental impact.

    • Efficiency

      The modulation ratio, inverters on the motors, fewer thermal losses and load adaptation all contribute to decrease of electrical energy and fuel consumptions with respect to a traditional boiler.

    • Emissions

      The innovative vector flame and vacuum combustion system completely integrated into the structure keeps NOx emissions below the most restrictive international legal limits.

    • Safety

      Fuel and combustion air suction prevents dangerous flue gas leakages in the working environment.

    • Integration and simplicity

      Moving parts and complex electronic logics have been replaced by fixed systems.

    • Unattended operation

      ECOVAPOR is certified for unattended operation for 24 (ECS24 Model) or 72 consecutive hours (ECS72 Model), according to the latest European Standards.

    • Connectivity

      ECOVAPOR adjustment and control system integrates control and adjustment functions, safety, connectivity and data logging of both the boiler and the combustion part.