• Design pressure: 12 or 15 bar *
  • Steam capacity:- Combustion side: 1700 ÷ 25000 kg/h- Recovery side: 100 ÷ 5000 kg/h
  • Efficiency: 90 %
  • Efficiency with energy saver: up to 95.0%

* upon request, up to 25 bar


The efficiency of the GX C waste-heat boilers can be increased by a further 5% if provided with an economiser, which is an accessory available for any product version.
The GX C boiler is an innovative design which combines steam production from a conventional boiler and also utilises exhaust gas heat recovery, arising from an external source; the latter "free" source is configured as the priority, while the combustion can simply serve as a backup or to provide the remaining power if recovery gases are insufficient to cover system steam demand.
The recovery section is completely separated from the combustion one but immersed in the same boiler water. The front access panels are fixed to the boiler body by means of double-joint hinges, which make it possible to open and inspect the inside without having to remove the burner.


The exhaust gases that can be used in waste-heat boilers can come from:

  • Furnaces
  • Post-combustion chamber
  • Incinerators
  • Industrial processes with flue gas at high temperature
  • Diesel engines
  • Gas and biogas engines
  • Vegetable oil engines
  • Turbogas plants


      • Single feed water pump
      • 1 vertical multi-stage centrifugal electric pump for water at 120°C
      • 1 shut-off globe valve
      • 1 pump suction filter
      • 2 non-return valves
      • Twin feed pumps
      • 2 vertical multistage vertical centrifugal pumps for water at 90 ° C
      • 3 delivery shut-off valves
      • 2 pump suction filters
      • 3 non-return valves
      The Commercial Technical Department of ICI Caldaie is at your disposal to define the specific technical, construction, performance and economic features of your designs.


      • Accessories on the steam side, including:
      • Steam outlet/crown valve
      • 2 spring safety valves
      • 2 Reflex level indicator gauge
      • 2 Level indicator guage drain and shut-off valve unit
      • Monitoring instrumentation, comprising:
      • Large dial 3 way test valve manometer
      • Limit pressure switch
      • Manual reset safety pressure presure switch
      • Blow down system comprising:
      • Purge shut-off valve
      • Quick exhaust valve with manual lever
      • Automatic conductivity probe level control system comprising:
      • Pump start and stop probes
      • 1st and 2nd alarm probes and low level burner lockout
      • Boiler control panel, IP 55 400V/3 +N/ 50Hz