Calorifiers (commonly called also water heaters); are appliances for the supply and storage of domestic hot water, consisting of a storage tank and accessories necessary for its operation. This range of products is available in various models, which differ mainly by:
- The primary heat source that is used to heat up the domestic water. This can be hot water (supplied by a boiler, a heat pump or a solar system), or steam;
- The material of construction. The tank can be built in carbon steel and internally coated with materials suitable for sanitary use (glass lining, enamelling, epoxy resins, etc ...), or in stainless steel (AISI 316 L or AISI 316 Ti);
- The heat exchanger. The calorifiers can have a non-removable internal exchanger (coil type), a removable exchanger (U-tube type), or they can be served by an external plate exchanger (brazed or gasketed);
- The design pressure. Standard versions are available at 6 bar, but versions at 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 bar and higher are available on request.

In our calorifier catalogue you can find all the various models above mentioned.

Models that are not available in the catalogue may be available upon request.

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