Residential ETERM

  • Heat generation with maximum efficiencyBoiler performance is fundamental to obtain good overall system performance. The reliability and quality of ICI Caldaie heat generators have been a market reference for over 50 years.
  • Distribution of heat with minimum dispersionEterm regulation systems ensure that the carrier liquid is brought to the correct temperature and that it circulates properly. Excessive temperatures and flow rates increase the system's dispersion.
  • Knowledgeable use of the heat Nereix user satellites allow regulation of the heat delivery to the apartment and monitoring the consumption, even via the internet. The user will be able to adjust behaviours and habits to reduce waste and resulting management costs.
  • Management of the use of alternative energyEterm regulation systems allow the coordination of equipment and devices for using solar and geothermal energy, heat pumps, etc.
  • Reduction of the power usedReducing requirements allows for a lower power installation, reducing costs and dimensions and improving the overall management performance
  • Consistent energy savingsOnly the heat needed is produced, dispersions and waste are slashed. Free heat sources such as solar energy are optimized.
  • Longer useful life of the systemMinimizing heat production and the operation of circulation devices reduces component wear and thermal stress.
  • Reduction of maintenance costsThe eterm system allows operators to minimize and optimize the operations. The system functions simplify operation, allow diagnosis and correction of the configuration, even from off-site
  • Reduction of environmental impactAs a result of the energy savings, the production of combustion products that pollute the environment is reduced