Commercial Range

Condensing boilers are the most efficient and advanced combustion technology for heating. Their operation is based on the latent heat recovery from smoke that is made to condense through heat exchange surfaces. In this manner high yields of up to 109% can be achieved while drastically reducing emissions.

NEREIX satellite heat modules respond to the need for products that can combine the versatility and autonomy of stand-alone boilers with the management simplicity and high performance of centralized production. For efficient solar energy use, ICI offers the ISOL line of products comprised of flat and evacuated (vacuum) solar collectors. We can provide complete systems with integrated accessories to satisfy 50-60% of the annual energy requirements for producing domestic hot water. The use of solar collectors also allows the integration of heating systems, using an alternative condensing boiler.

The complete systems are optimized through the control system which includes: online alarm diagnostics with focused and timely operations on diagnosed problem, alignment of digital and analog data for certified accuracy of the correct value of individual consumption, temperature adjustments via web or smartphone for every unit, usage readings with graphs for monitoring trends and comparing them with external temperatures or condominium averages and sending the energy balance sheet with the balance for the entire building and the breakdown by individual unit.