The energy efficiency objective for new private construction in order to reduces energy costs for each individual housing unit requires the creation of increasingly up-to-date, high performance centralized systems.

With the Full Service Nereix domotic system, heat can be rationally regulated and used, combing the convenience of independent heating with the efficiency of centralized heating.
Through an ICI system made up of Nereix metering modules with E-term electronics, every user can monitor and regulate their own consumption to achieve the best compromise between cost and comfort.

With the E-term system by ICI Caldaie, each independent regulation by the user through the ICI Kronos timed thermostat or remotely through the E-term web portal, interacts with the central heating plant and with the distribution system, communicating its needs.
The central heating plant and the distribution system quickly adapt to the combination of actual request to satisfy the needs of the tenants, limiting waste and increasing distribution performance.


  • Warranty extension on all Nereix module components for 5 years.
  • Emergency service through the official ICI Caldaie help centres.
  • Online alarm diagnostics: assistance is optimized through timely operations focused on the already diagnosed problem.
  • Alignment of digital and analog data for certified precision of the correct individual consumption value.
  • Personal web access key for every housing unit.


  • Temperature regulation via web or smartphone for each unit.
  • Consumption display with graphs to monitor the progress and compare it to the outdoor temperature or building average.


  • Instant readings of consumption for both the entire building and individual users in analytical format and with summary graphs, allowing a breakdown of final costs per unit.
  • Online alarm diagnostic: allows advanced resolution of any malfunctions.
  • User block: whenever the heat supply needs to be tied to payment of previous consumption, distribution to selected users can be remotely blocked.
  • Sending the energy balance with for the entire building and broken down by individual unit.