Full Service Eterm

E-term Full Service, through ICI Technical Assistance Centres, is a tool favouring heat operators and final users.

It includes:
  • Ordinary maintenance and third party responsible for thermal systems
  • Management through the E-term system
  • Average seasonal production performance ensured through a performance contract
  • 5 year warranty extension on ICI products

ICI Caldaie has developed the proprietary E-term software for telemanagement of heating plants. Through the Qterm control units, complex plants can be managed regulating boilers, burners, pumps, solar collectors, heat pumps, etc.

With E-term:
  • heat generators operate with maximum efficiency;
  • the carrier fluid is brought to optimal temperature and flow rate in order to reduce
  • the dispersion in the system;
  • the control unit detects the opening of every individual utility area valve, aware of the power requested and able to provide the instantaneous energy requested.
  • the combination of the

E-term technology with Nereix utility modules and Nereis Full Service ensures an optimal level of plant regulation.