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The Positive Sides of European Tenders Opportunities: An Interview

As mentioned in our previous article (metti titolo qui con link all'altro blog), European Tenders offer opportunities to companies wishing to invest in R&D that move beyond the simple receipt of funding.

The most valuable aspect of these Tenders is the collaboration between participating companies, universities and researchers. It is primarily through such collaborations that these entities are able to create new products and services.

By coming together, the innovation process is faster and better. So, how do these collaborations actually work? In most cases, team members from participating partners move to a different research institution in order to find the best way to develop their ideas and make a substantial contribution to a specific research field.

For this reason ICI Water Heater has just welcomed two researchers, one from Holland and one from Spain, who have come to work together on different projects.

We decided to interview them with the aim of understanding what their job exactly consists of and how they find their work experience here.

We had a small conversation with Niek, who is currently a PhD student at the University of Eindhoven. He is working together with ICI on a research project that focus on hydrogen production/generation through the use of biogas.
This is actually his first experience outside the academic environment and he is thrilled about this concrete research opportunity. He is going to stay at the company for about a month.

Why did you choose ICI?

There was the possibility to go to a company from your university ici was one of the chance, ici was the most interesting for me because it work on the development of the reactor that I’m studying at university, here you would find problems that you wouldn’t find at university designing the reactor

What do you think about this experience and this company?

I like it, it is different, there are different priorities and a different way of work. I like the research and the possibilities that are investigated. I would came back because I have another possibilities from my university.

Is it different from your work and research done in your country?

We are working about an innovative project, for the hydrogen production.
I would like to work in a reality like this with this ReD department.
It is different from my reality because in university my job is more about helping students, writing papers, here you are trying to make something which brings other challenges

Subsequently we had a similar conversation with José Luis, who is a researcher at Tecnalia, a non-profit research centre based in San Sebastian. His research projects in collaboration with ICI, which were made possible through European funds, focus on the process of combining hydrogen with energy reactors. This procedure can lead to different applications, including those in households’ power and heating systems.

The purpose of this study is to elaborate a system that produces heat and power at the same time, in a more economically and socially sustainable way. He is definitely enthusiastic about the work at the company, as he says:

“What I appreciate most about the work with ICI is that they put effort into developing something innovative that does not only affect positively their market but also the society and the world around them by deploying natural gas and attempting to find applications for hydrogen as an energy source”

“Another positive aspect lies in the fact that ICI strongly believes that this research represents the right path to follow for a better and sustainable future of innovations and improvements”.

ISH Beijing

ISH Beijing is coming up!
Discover our cutting edge solutions at booth E6-09A.

ECOVAPOR Unveils New steam generation

12th October 2017 - Verona  

At ICI CALDAIE plants in Campagnola di Zevio, the presentation of the revolutionary Ecovapor system took place, within the company's manufacturing facilities.
The event illustrated the origin of the project, highlighting five major strengths: safety, emissions, energy saving, simplicity and integration, connectivity.
It was appreciated the location choice. The industrial halls appear a futuristic setting particularly engaging for the guests came from all over the world.
During the presentation, it was also possible to see the new Ecovapor system running in parallel with a traditional steam boiler, touching all the novelties of the innovation that promises to be revolutionary in the industry.

ICI CALDAIE obtained the OHSAS 18001 certification!

ICI Caldaie is proud to announce to all our partners the achievement of the OHSAS 18001 workers’ health and safety certification, in accordance with the BS OHSAS 1800:2007 standard.


This new goal reached by the company closes a course started by ICI Caldaie a few years ago, which lead to the achievement of the ISO 9001 Quality certification, then followed by the ISO 14001 certification of our Environmental Management System. Thanks to this ICI Caldaie has now an Integrated Management System Quality-Safety-Environment, according to the guidelines of the Corporate Policy.


The will to obtain OHSAS 18001 certification shows the importance that we attach to the issues of health and safety of our workers, at the same time going ahead on our way of environmental respect.


Also this certification has been awarded by the certification authority TÜV Italia, our partner for all system certifications.


ICI Caldaie, with this latest achievement, becomes more and more reliable, with a production process controlled also in terms of environmental impact and carried out in a safer and healthier environment.