Steam - GSS 72

Global Security System

Comprehensive security system, designed and built to ensure the overall operation safety of steam generators, in line with the new CE directive concerning the conduction without supervisor for 72 continuous hours.  Supplied system, (EC certificate by Notified Body as a whole in accordance with the European Directive 97/23/EC), consists of an equipment series electrically and hydraulically assembled and tested at our establishment, and more specifically:

  • Auto controlled security level
  • Pressure security unit
  • Salinity control unit (TDS)
  • Automatic sludge removal unit
  • High level safety probe, mounted directly in the boiler body
  • Boiler control panel certified for safety chain management, complete with PLC and operator panel able to monitor, status signals and alarm view
  • Sample coller

All provided material, with particular regard to electrical panel and electrical system, is made in accordance with European Regulations in force, more specifically:
- Directive 97/23/CE
- Directive 2014/35/UE
- Directive 2014/30/UE
- European Guide Lines 8/15 and 9/20
- Norm EN 12953
- Norm EN 50156-1

The whole system will be labeled CE as a whole in accordance with European Directive 97/23/EC and test conducted at your establishment with functional parameter setting.

Technical Manuals
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EN_GSS 72_2X_po
en_gss 72_gen