Operations without supervision

Safety systems for operation without supervision

With the Global Safety System and the Total Safety System, generators installed operate without supervision for the period indicated, allowing significant savings in management costs for the heating plant.

There are also advanced tools available for managing industrial generators which consist of integrated platforms of electronic devices that, when connected, collect and transmit information. When processed, this information allows for management of the overall performance of the system, even via remote, and distributes the heat. Efficiency is improved by integrating the information and operating on the configuration parameters of the system that supplies information regarding any anomalies based on temperature, flow, regulations and consumption. The integration of all of the components allows the diathermic fluid flow rates and temperatures to be optimized based on the user's actual need, fuel consumption and allows CO2 emissions to be considerably reduced and the system to be remotely checked, diagnosed and controlled.

Steam - GSS 72

 Comprehensive security system, designed and built to ensure the overall operation safety of steam generators, in line with the new CE directive concerning the conduction without supervisor for 72 continuous hours.  Supplied system, (EC certificate by Notified Body as a ...

Superheated water - GSS 72

   Comprehensive security system, designed and built to ensure the overall safety of hot water generator operation, in line with the new directive CE on the operation without supervisor for 72 continuous hours.  The system consists of a series of ...