Main features

  • Energy savings achieved by partial recovery of sensible heat of exhaust fumes of generator by pre-heating of the water supply;
  • Smokes / water exchanger non condensing element suitable for methane gas generator operation, executed from finned tubes made out of carbon steel P235GH, arranged in several rows with distribution manifolds; construction in accordance with the European directive PED 97 23;
  • Hermetic frame containment in externally varnished carbon steel directly coupled by means of bolts to generator smoke chamber suitably modified;
  • conic flanged smoke outlet fitting, equipped with a top circular flange for chimney connection;
  • instrument assembly and hydraulic connection collector piping;
  • hydraulic connection according to A or B schemes presented below.


Supplied accessories for diagram A

- safety valve (3bar)
- economizer circulation pump
- 3 shut-off valves
- pump filter
- 2 water thermometers upstream and downstream of the economizer


Supplied accessories for diagram B

- PED certified safety valve (18bar)
- 3 interception and bypass valves
- water thermometer downstream of the economizer
- water manometer downstream of the economizer
- economizer-generator connection pipes

Technical Manuals