The energy saver for the series ECO-G is built into the rear smoke box of the series GSX steam generators.
Opting for its installation allows you to achieve energy savings thanks to partial sensitive heat recovery of the generator's exhaust fumes by preheating the supply water.
Fully extractable construction from the rear to aid in extraordinary generator maintenance operations.

- Smokes / water exchanger non condensing element suitable for methane gas generator operation, executed from finned tubes made out of carbon steel P235GH, arranged in several rows with distribution manifolds; construction in accordance with the European directive PED 97 23;
- instrument assembly and hydraulic connection collector piping;
- hydraulic connection according to A or B schemes presented below.

Supplied accessories for diagram A

- safety valve (3 bar)
- economizer circulation pump
- 3 shut-off valves
- pump filter
- 2 water thermometers upstream and downstream of the economizer

Supplied accessories for diagram B

- PED certified safety valve (18 bar)
- 3 interception and bypass valves
- water thermometer downstream of the economizer
- water manometer downstream of the economizer
- economizer-generator connection pipes

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