Thermal oil heater

The ICI Caldaie thermal oil-operated heat generators are available in the type with three flue-gas passes, with low heat loads and high oil speed to eliminate the risk of oil cracking.
This type of generator is suitable for operation with hot thermal oil, i.e. with a circulating fluid at a temperature below boiling point at atmospheric pressure.

Our range includes generators, with a design pressure of 10 bar, with useful power ranging between 100 and 9000 kW.

They are all characterised by high construction standards, in accordance with the strictest regulations.


Design pressure:   10 bar   Heat output:   116 ÷ 9302 kW  Efficiency:   86%    The OPX thermal oil generator has 3 pass configuration with single pass combustion chamber and flue gas outlet in the rear.  Is designed for low thermal ...


Design pressure:   10 bar   Heat output:   1163 ÷ 9302 kW  Efficiency:   91%   The OPX REC thermal oil heater is a 3 pass design, with integral high efficiency exhaust gas recuperator . The OPX REC Is generously designed to ensure low ...