GX S - Superheated version (1700 ÷ 25000 kg/h)


Steam boiler genuine three pass, wet back, firetube, complete with steam superheater, in monobloc construction, with completely automatic operation, i.e. complete with all accessories to have it up and running quickly


  • Fully flanged tube plates
    The hot-flanged tube plates of the GX steam boiler ensure the absorption of thermal expansion according to the different workloads
  • High steam fraction at each load
    The large mirror of evaporating fluid and the particular internal separator prevent the entrainment of water droplets to the steam outlet; the steam produced is therefore always of high quality as it features a very high steam fraction
  • Great reliability in continuous operating mode
    The construction features of the GX steam boiler make it particularly suitable even for intense and heavy duty work loads and periods
  • To can be configured as required
    A wide range of optional accessories is available to customise the product according to any specific intended use requirement
  • High management technology
    The boiler management can be implemented with a programmable logic for complete compatibility with any data acquisition system, allowing you to display and set the operating parameters of the machine
  • Front hinged doors with double joint
    The front doors are double and can be fully opened without needing to remove the burner. This reduces the required manoeuvre space and makes the cleaning and maintenance very simple

Water Softeners ADD
Atmospheric degasser DEG
Condensate Collection Tank BDV
Condensate Collection Vessel VRC
Termophysical Air Separator DEG/P
Steam Accumulator – VEX
VRC V - Condensate Collection Vessel
Economizer ECXV
Modulating Level Adjustment System
Sample Cooler
Automatic blowdown system (for sixen and gx series steam boilers)
Salinity control group (electronic light TDS)
High level security kit
Auto diagnostic high level security kit
Auto diagnostic low level security kit
GSS Global security system
Modulating feed water system 1 or 2 pumps
Salinity control group (pneumatic or electric TDS)
Backup supply pump (for steam boiler)
Ladder and handrail
Side platform
Separate control panel for managing the sequence of two or more steam boilers
EtermEASYmanager panel