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High heat technology

ICI CALDAIE S.p.A., founded in 1958, is a cutting edge company in the heating industry due to its continuous research and development of highly reliable heat generators in step with technological evolution.

The experience earned over the years has allowed the company to transfer the know-how acquired in the design and creation of industrial steam generators, an industry where the company holds a leading position, to domestic boilers.

Today ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. offers a complete range of products on the italian and foreign market

  • Gas based wall-mounted boilers from 20 to 30 kW.
  • Stainless steel domestic boilers from 20 to 4000 kW (flame inversion, 3 smoke circuits, low temperature and condensation).
  • Industrial heat generators from 70 to 12000 kw (steam, diathermic oil, superheated water and hot water)

Every project is performed by the Technical Office equipped with modern networked CAD stations; the preparation of sub-assembled components is done using laser cutters and numerically controlled machines; the perfect welding of the elements is ensured by modern robots and every single boiler is subjected to a strict test which certifies its reliability.

The development of new products, updated for the ever stricter European standards regarding consumption and emissions, is entrusted to a Research and Development laboratory equipped with modern tools to verify the reliability and performance of the boilers. All product models have CE marking.

In 1993 the ICIM (Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanical Engineering) certified the ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. Quality System according to Italian, European and international standards UNI EN 29002 (IS0 9002); in June 2002, BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality Insurance) awarded ICI CALDAIE S.p.A the ISO 9001/94 certification and in April 2004, the ISO 9001/00 certification.

The conditions of high competitiveness on the market, the elimination of customs barriers and the ever-increasing need for high quality standards have driven ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. to develop a new high quality culture mission, with the conviction that customer satisfaction is fundamental for the company's progress.

The Certification of the Quality System is the acknowledgment of the efforts made and signals to the market the the methods used by ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. to ensure quality are compliant with international standards.


ICI Caldaie has over 30,000 square meters of advanced equipment in order to guarantee high precision in constructing reliable products.

From product design to completion, all technological aspects are handled with care and made using production standards, with a particular focus on energy efficiency.

The company's 50 years of experience offer outstanding skills in advanced machinery machinery for plasma cutting thick plates, automatic submerged arc welders with wire or other modes optimized for the type of work, special calanders with bending systems for producing corrugated flues, protected areas for radio.